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About Us

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About the Founder
Gerard Perrone

As a child, I was equally fascinated by both Science and Art. By sixth grade, I had my own microscope exploring the mysteries of pond scum, and by eighth grade, I had set up my own photography darkroom in my bedroom closet to develop prints I shot with my first 35mm camera. These activities filled my childhood world with endless wonder and excitement. 


In college, my fascination with Art and Science continued when I was lucky enough to land a part-time job at the U.S.D.A. Honey Bee Research Center while working toward an art degree at L.S.U.


I worked in the field as a Biological Aid helping manage over 500 honeybee colonies used for research. Inside the lab, I dissected bees under a microscope so the parts could be magnified and digitized with a computer to identify African "killer bees". U.S.D.A scientists  put my carpentry/art skills to use in the shop helping build equipment for experiments.


I didn't know at the time how these experiences at the research lab would become so influential later in my life. It was these experiences that undoubtedly influenced my conception of the wonder dome and my interest in Nature Study today.


After completing an M.F.A. from The Rhode Island School of Design, I was offered a teaching position at Delgado Community College where I taught Photography, Art Appreciation, Design, Illustration, and Art History. I also opened my own photography studio in New Orleans specializing in architectural and product photography for advertising. 


But as my environmental awareness grew over time, I traveled the country in search of wilderness experiences and my interests returned to nature.  It was then that I began to question if there wasn't a more direct way to use my life experiences to actively address the environmental crisis we are faced with today.


I have found in Nature Study a movement that embraces both my passion for Science and Art. One that has a history of making a difference with environmental awareness and gives us a blue print for change through education. I hope to join others helping popularize this movement once again with the founding of The Nature Study Project. 

-Gerard Perrone

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